We, Reserved Footwear New York, believe that we can take the shoe world by storm by fusing classic silhouettes with up-to-date styles. We are continuously sourcing for new and high-quality materials, alongside drawing inspiration from around the world. We are focused on bringing you well-constructed, good quality, affordable shoes that are sure to sync with your everyday lifestyle.

“Reserved” - adj. slow to reveal, and kept for a particular purpose or person. We wanted to stay true to our roots and keep this definition in mind when launching our products. We dedicate hours of research, time, dedication, and passion to truly understand why we do what we do. From the burst of ideas in the shower, to the sketching and sampling of designs, to the inspection of each shoe made in our factories, we made sure to keep it reserved.


We progressively create new styles by combining contemporary designs with traditional inspiration. We’re passionate about creating bold and daring pieces that tap into that youthful modern aesthetic.


Top-of-the-line shoes shouldn’t be out of everyone’s reach. Our collection each season will always feature affordable leather shoes and boots as well as quality faux leather pieces and other innovative materials. We're all about sourcing high-end, high-quality materials and providing them to you at an accessible price.


We as a team are passionate about our community and collectively researching new ways to innovate the classics. Quality means a lot to us that is why all our shoes are designed and inspected in New York, directly by the team. From the quality of the people we work with, to the quality of the materials we make our shoes with, we’ve worked hard to build a company that you can rely on time and time again.



To provide high-quality, on-trend footwear to men of taste. Grab a pair of Reserved Footwear New York shoes today!