Style vs Trend: Men's Shoe Edition

Countless men mistake being trendy for being stylish. While there are many men who believe that being stylish coincides with following the latest trends.

Well, today we are here to explain the difference between the two!

What is Style?

“Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” - Bill Blass.

No truer words have ever been spoken! Style is defined by a man who demonstrates elegance, refinement, and possesses a dressing technique that is not influenced by trends.

What Does Being Trendy Mean?

Being trendy means that what a man wears is shaped by the most current fashions typically seen on up to date influencers and featured in magazines.

Is It Possible To Be Both Stylish & Trendy?

Absolutely! You can be stylish while following trends. A man with style can don the latest trends by incorporating his personal taste for a sartorial aesthetic. However, rocking popular trends doesn’t ensure it will always look good on you.

If you want to look good it’s important to understand the difference between being stylish and trendy, and knowing when a particular trend isn’t right for you.

Now that we got that out of the way, check out Reserved Footwear timeless shoes that will always have a place in your closet!

Dress Boot

A dapper blend between the classic workman boot and the contemporary cap toe boot, sport the Lennox Boot for a sophisticated flair.

Reserved Footwear Lennox Boot

Modern Chelsea

Rock the Kedge Chelsea Boot for effortless casualness.

Reserved Footwear Kedge Chelsea Boot

Dapper Derby

Keep it simple but significant,  smarten up your fit with Fairlead Derby for office wear and after work settings.

Reserved Footwear Fairlead Derby

Spiffy Monk Strap

Styled by @suitedsoor, the Stanton Monk Strap has become favorite in every gent’s shoe collection. Luxe suede and traditional framework has made a resurgence and is here to stay.


Reserved Footwear Stanton Monk Strap

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