How To Clean And Condition Your Leather Boots

A classic pair of boots are a must-have staple that deserves a spot in every man’s closet. When taken care of properly, boots may last you season after season! It’s time to invest in your beloved stompers and to handle them with care.

Check out these quick and easy tips on how to restore your favorite, leather boots.

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How To Bring Back Old Boots

The Essentials

  • A Leather Boot
  • A horsehair brush or rag
  • Boot conditioner
  • Boot cream

Step 1

Clean your beloved boot with a horsehair brush or a damp, wet rag. If your boot gets wet, wait until the boot dries before conditioning it.

Step 2

Use a trusted boot conditioner to help rejuvenate and soften the leather. It will help protect, revive and repair the leather. Otherwise, the leather will begin to crack.

Step 3

Buff out the leather slowly and carefully with a brush with boot cream along worn out areas.

Step 4

Then use a dry rag to help absorb the boot cream in small circular movements.

Step 5

Allow the cream to absorb into the leather, then buff again with your brush. 


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